Sunday, 31 December 2017

Far Breton

I didn't realise how much I liked prunes until I made this. 

Sunday, 17 December 2017


The sound of war. Grenades, shrieking, gunfire. Pew, pew, pew. Crack, pew, pew. Noise and chaos, thumping sounds, shouting. Arms and legs flying in every direction.

That's my house this Sunday morning in December. All of the boys in full-on combat mode. I can already feel a headache starting and I want more than anything to tell them to stop. My plan of starting the day off as calmly as possible goes out the window. I naively thought that I would be the Mum whose boys would never play with guns, little did I realise that anything can become a gun. On this day it's their small fingers, my coasters and cushions playing the roll of who knows what. Extra armour maybe...

I stand in the kitchen sipping the coffee I just made. I want to say stop but I don't. I don't get it and I definitely don't like it but I let them continue. They're using their imaginations, it's only a game, and they're having fun. Because "Imagination is more important than knowledge". If Einstein thought that then my headache will just have to be part of my Sunday morning. The play continues. More of our home gets collected up as props. I take a deep breath and remind myself how blessed I am to have three happy, energetic, imaginative boys. Einstein, I hope when you said that you meant this carry on too!

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Waiting for Snow

It's at this time of year I always remember the big snow of 2010. Not 1983 like some, I was just too small to recall the details, but the last big snow when my eldest was only four and I delighted in the fact that he could toboggan down the hill beside our house on a baking tray. It snuck up on me; I wasn't expecting such a big pile on the first day it fell, maybe it was because I didn't have an app back then to check the weather as often as I liked, maybe some people had an inkling it was on the way, maybe it was just one of those things that happen out of the blue for a reason that nobody knows. One minute I was preparing dinner and the next the snow came... Falling slowly at the start then picking up speed, gently covering everything outside with big, thick snowflakes until everything turned white. I don't remember much about yesterday but I do remember that evening, happy memories are as clear as day. Snow makes me happy :-)

As soon as the temperature starts to drop and I'm rooting out hats and gloves and scarves I secretly hope that the same will happen again. Hygge comes to the forefront of my mind. I want to curl up beside log fires while a blanket of snow quietly covers the ground, light every candle, sip on warming drinks and spend quality time with family indoors after the working day is done. Some people are summer people but I've decided I'm definitely a winter one.

Outside it feels cold enough for snow, but because there's no sign of any yet here's some photos from the web the get me in the hygge mood...

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Sleep | The Third Pillar of Health

A good night's sleep, what we all want every night. "I'd like to go to bed and have a really bad sleep", said nobody, ever!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Ode to Summer | Star Jumps

Ode to Summer

I'm not great with endings. Thankfully David is the opposite. Change, in his opinion, usually signals growth and new beginnings. It's good having someone in the house who thinks like that.

When Callum finished Montessori in June I was feeling lots of emotions but mostly sad; something that had played such a big part in his life over the past three years was coming to an end. I hoped the next chapter for him would be a positive one. Starting primary school was a major milestone. Would he like it? Would he be happy? Would he make friends? Would he like everyone? Would everyone like him??

"I am an old man and have known a great many troubles but most of them never happened" - Mark Twain

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