I’m Jen, a thirtysomething wife and Mum who’s lucky enough to call Dublin home. I have two main loves (after all my boys of course!) interior design and savouring great food. So it’s fitting that my two jobs since leaving college were in publishing (I worked for my favourite interiors magazine, The White Book) and in the restaurant industry - I can honestly say I’ve always had a job I’ve loved!

I started my blog when I became a full-time Mum and have been blogging ever since. I upload posts on a weekly basis and have a genuine love of sharing (hopefully helpful!) information with others. On Maison Jen I share home décor projects, delicious easy recipes and bits and pieces from daily life. In 2014 my blog was a finalist in the blog awards Ireland and last year made the short list. I’m also a regular contributor to the Xposé website in their Family and Heath & Wellbeing sections.

CATEGORIES on Maison Jen...

1. Food

I'm certainly no authoritarian and don't cook everything from scratch but I do try to make as many home cooked dishes as I can. I sniff out the simplest recipes from cookbooks, pin and note amazing, wholesome, delicious eats online, come up with recipes that are easy to make with kids underfoot, and jot down ingredients from restaurants, cafés, family & friends that taste heavenly. As a result, the food section here is a collection of all of these; the simplest and best. Also in this category you'll find a variety of recipe topics including 'Family Friendly Food', 'Weekend Cocktails' and 'Homegrown' - a sub-category celebrating exclusively Irish produce.

2. Interiors

If DIY and interior design is your thing you're in the right place - I'm always painting, fixing and improving my home. I believe the home is the most important place in one's life and should be an oasis to relax and unwind but at the same time be energising and uplifting! Click on 'INTERIORS'' to see my latest home improvements and other design news.

3. Family Life

Having three young boys and an insatiable love for France means that both of these subjects crop up quite a bit in this category!

4. Organisation

I'm a boarder-line minimalist when it comes to my home and LOVE to organise. You'll find my tips and tricks to keeping my home organised and clutter free here.

I hope you can take something helpful away from Maison Jen, and try out some of the recipes, home decor projects and organisation tips yourself. 
Thank you so much for reading.
Jen x

All recipe temperatures listed are for conventional ovens (for fan ovens reduce temperature by 10%). 
All eggs used in the recipes here are large. 
Anything else, I’ll let you know as I go along!

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