Monday 2 June 2014

Sunny Days at Sea Lodge

So far this year we have visited Sea Lodge every bank holiday weekend, and we always bring good weather!

March bank holiday.

May bank holiday.

June bank holiday!

When we arrived this June weekend the boys shot out of the car like three bullets and took off down the garden.

Amusing themselves with tents and things while we munched on corned beef and salad sandwiches, proper country ones with butter bursting out the sides.

And as usual the sun was splitting the Wexford stones (the ones Alex wasn’t eating!).

Callum enjoyed some tin whistle playing from Dad…

Until I was spotted through the window!

And of course there was plenty of football playing from Ross.

Callum explored some more.

At dinner time we tucked into a mouthwatering roast leg of lamb infused with garlic and rosemary, a mountain of scrumptious roasted vegetables and delicious summer cyprus potatoes. 

Then we invited this gorgeous fella in for a while to play fetch. Before retiring for the evening exhausted after a great day!

The following morning (and some of the afternoon!) was spent making a goal post for the garden.

All the boys had to be involved even if it was just to run away with the pencil.

It was another great weekend having fun together in the sea air. We’ve yet to make it to the beach this year… There’s just far too much to do at the house! Next time!

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