Monday 22 September 2014

Birthday Celebration for Mum | The Party

Yesterday it was time for another very special birthday in our house. This time a 21st. Every year on her birthday Mum turns 21 again. It baffles Ross, he can’t figure out how this can be (I completely understand how he feels, it’s funny when you end up being older than your Mum!). Regardless, 21, or another number ending in a zero, it didn’t really matter, it was an important birthday and we were all set to celebrate!

When Mum and the other guests arrived we popped open the bubbly and got the party started.

A kir royal for everyone and some canapés to nibble on.

With our Indian summer continuing we happily took our drinks outside and continued sipping, munching, and chatting under the evening sun.

When we’d polished off every last bite, and realised that the sun had dropped behind the trees, everyone headed inside to warm their bones while I added the finishing touches to the main course.

A hearty chicken and broccoli gratin. Served with baby potatoes and a simple rocket salad.

The three boys, easily managing to be louder than the music playing in the background, were our entertainment for the evening…

… and tried every trick in the book to avoid going to bed!

Then it was time for the cake.

And the singing. Followed by a good few rounds of hip.. hip.. hooray!

Coffee cake, mum’s favourite, was served with vanilla ice cream and a dash (or a good slug as it was up to the guests to pour!) of Baileys Irish cream on top.

Which everyone happily tucked into… including the entertainment!

A very special birthday, and a very special Mum.

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