Thursday 29 January 2015

Ikea #1 | The Office

*This blog post is the first in a series of eight*
I have to admit I wasn’t sure if this post was very blog-worthy - a post about all of the things we have from Ikea, in each room of our house. But then, a few days ago I changed my mind, and decided I was going to just do it!

Image source: here

So here it is, my first Ikea post. Since 2009 when the first Ikea store finally arrived here in Dublin, I’ve been adding piece after piece to our home (before that I used to drive to Belfast!), and as a result there is now an Ikea effect in almost every room. So once a month I’ll post pictures from a different room of our house until I get through them all. Each one will be about how I’ve used Ikea products, and also show some of the ways I’ve customised them to fuse with my design style even more.

First things first, I love IKEA. I mean I don’t love the headache I usually have when I leave the store, but I more or less love everything else about the place - I love the price they charge you when you’ve just bought breakfast for four people, I love looking at their showrooms, I love the way their products are designed, and I especially love the way Ikea merchandise seems to blend seamlessly with whatever interior style your home follows. Be it Art Deco, Shabby Chic, Industrial, Minimalist, English country, Moroccan, Rustic, Scandanavian, Spanish - I could go on and on. Something from their massive store is bound to fit in.

Over the years the interior design style of my own home has slowly evolved, and is now mainly a blend of Hampton’s Style mixed with Classic French. I’m hoping that our home looks casual and relaxed yet in a refined way! The office is a little different though, the office is the design hub (and the man cave). The office is the only room in the house where I have very little say.
Here it is…

Ikea products in this photo: 1. Lime green rug, 2. Green lamp, 3. Floor lamp, 4. White storage boxes, 5. Filing tray.
For a more detailed look at the IKEA products in the office please see source list at the end of the page.

This is the couch bed. I know, it looks like a chair doesn’t it? Definitely not from Ikea can I point out.
“But it’s an Eames lounge chair Jen.” He said.
“Oh, in that case then that’s probably fine.” I answered, with hardly a trace of sarcasm.
So far, thankfully, no one has ever needed to sleep on the ‘Eames’ chair…
Let’s move on.

Ikea products in this photo: 6. Desk, 7. Pen holder, 8. Picture ledge for notebooks.

Ikea products in this photo: 9. Shelves, 10. Baskets.
And finally, some more reasons why I love Ikea:
The Ikea catalogue – First of all, it’s a bookbook™. Secondly, I love when they post the new catalogue to every home in Ireland and it finally drops through my letterbox and lands on the hall floor! I try to patiently leave it on the hall table until I have at least half an hour to sit down with a cup of tea and read the whole thing.
It helps you to store things – with hundreds of storage products to choose from Ikea has definitely helped me to declutter my home.
It’s cheap - by cheap I mean inexpensive, although I have bought the odd piece that is a little wobbly at this stage, but maybe that’s my flat packing assembly skills.
Which brings me to my next point…
You build it yourself - for me there’s something really satisfying about this. Also assembling something yourself means you can easily customise it. I love customising things!
And I especially love - that helpful little tubby man in the instructions. At this point he feels like a friend!

Ikea sources:
  1. Hampen lime green rug - details here
  2. Green lamp - discontinued. Similar one here
  3. Floor lamp - discontinued. Similar one here
  4. Kassett white storage boxes - details here
  5. Dokument filing tray - details here
  6. Desk - discontinued. Similar one here
  7. Förhöja pen holder - details here
  8. Ribba picture ledge - details here
  9. Kallax shelves - details here
  10. Knipsa baskets - details here


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