Monday 21 September 2015

Weekend Web

'Weekend Web' is a regular Monday update on the blog with links to a variety of things I've come across on the Web from the weekend that I've found helpful, interesting or that I just loved!

This was what I got to tuck into to this weekend...

I may have died and gone to food heaven! Just take another look at that cheese board!!

My taste buds (along with the rest of me!) had an incredible party at Borris house in Carlow celebrating the wedding of Callum's Godfather to fellow food blogger Inna (of Beetroot & Beluga). You can check out her mouthwatering blog here.

We ate, laughed and danced our way through the weekend. Starting with a hog roast when we arrived on Friday evening. Absolutely addictive pork that I just could not stop eating! Accompanied by delectable sides and the pièce de résistance - the best traditional Irish band on the planet.

The amount of food I managed to consume over the weekend was huge. Far too much to detail individually but here are a few of the delicacies: Fillet beef blinis with horse radish cream, melt in the mouth flaky quiche canapés, exquisite pea & mint soup, amazing antipasti (they almost had to pull the plate off me for the next course!), chargrilled leg of Borris lamb served with rosemary jus, apple & mint jelly and the most delicious vegetable sides - just a random selection of some the wonderful foods we feasted on along with the glorious cheese board.

As you can imagine, I didn't look at the Web once over the weekend (so there aren't a lot of links this week!) but here are a few I loved from today. 


This could be the most heart-melting hug I've ever seen...

In America, people are very familiar with brining, but we're 'just not that into it yet'! Find out how simple (and benificial) brining is here.

A facial expression Moms and Dads worldwide will recognise. These babies hilarious look of concentration!

Something I heard on the radio last week that really struck a cord. Two amazing children.. Katelyn (6) and her friend Nathan (4) knew exactly what to do when Nathan's grandmother collapsed following a seizure. They kept calm. They administered CPR. They got help. They knew what to do. A six year old and and a four year old, they knew what to do... This interview really hit home about the importance of children knowing basic first aid. You can listen back to their interview here.

A book of all the crazy things one Dad has said to his kids!

And finally, my favourite...

James Corden's celebrity carpool karaoke videos just keep getting better and better! Following such a wonderful wedding I think this funny, soulful (and romantic!) link fits right in.

Enjoy the rugby world cup over the next few weeks, fingers crossed Ireland will score tons of tries!! Have a great week.

Jen x

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