Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Habitat | What home means...

When Habitat decided to close its doors on College Green, Dublin in 2008 I have to admit I was a little bit devastated.. To me Habitat wasn't just a retail shop, it was a place where I used to not only browse but dream of filling my first home with its smart, contemporary, well-designed products.

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In between then and now, anytime I happened to be in a country with a Habitat store I made it my mission to pay a visit, and would often pick up a cool little accessory to cart home.

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What I love most about Habitat stores is that they house an eclectic mix of interior styles and products. Yet their home accessories and furniture all have a common feature, they are beautifully designed and timeless.

And at long last, with a retail collaboration, there is now a way to get your Habitat fix without jumping on a plane or boat! Since this summer, Argos have been stocking 200 best-selling products from the Habitat collection in Ireland.

I'm delighted that Habitat is - sort of - back! Here are some things I found, and loved, in their catalogue...

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Finally, if you're anything like me and love taking a peek at other people homes there is a great section on their website (www.habitat.co.uk) where you can do just that. So grab a cuppa and scroll through some stunning celebrity homes, and find out exactly what home means to them.


  1. I loved Habitat too! They have a small selection of their items in Homebase too!

    1. Thanks Alice! I didn't know that - and I was only there last week getting paint! I must take a better look around the shop next time I'm there!!


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