Monday, 18 January 2016

Weekend Web

'Weekend Web' is a regular Monday update on the blog with links to a variety of things I've come across from the internet that I've found helpful, interesting or that I've just loved! Here's the round up...

How was your weekend?

We headed out for drinks and dinner for my birthday to The Dylan, which was amazing yet again, I also finished Marie Kondo's extreme discarding and tidying book. It ended up being a slightly yin and yang weekend - out partying for half, in tidying for half!

From someone who has pared almost everything I own down to very little over the years (and I'm pretty sure I'm an expert in tidying too!) I still discovered a few new tips from Marie Kondo's book. The most interesting being the vertical folding technique - yes, you really can fold clothes so they stand upright. It's the most effective way to store clothes to save space and keep clothing in pristine condition. Impressive... I'll be doing lots of folding so!

Here are some cool things I came across on the web, have a great week.


I loved...

The Oscar nominations this year - hip, hip! Saw Brooklyn at the weekend and seeing Room tonight; can't wait.

Another brilliant carpool video.


Ever wondered how long food really lasts.


After listening to Tom Dunne's show on Newstalk in the evenings we've decided we're going to get into cocktails... It's a bit of an unusual thing to decide to do at the start of a New Year, I know! He features a classic cocktail every Thursday and even though I'm more into wine than cocktails they always sound amazing. And this looks like a good one for this weekend.

Or maybe this.

And we'll definitely need this!


So this is how it's done.

And finally...

We finished Making a Murderer on Netflix. You - have - got - to - watch - it !


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