Friday 19 February 2016

London | Day Two

On Saturday the heavens opened, slowing to a drizzle by mid-morning. Misty rain soaked the London streets and the sky was a murky grey, but that didn't stop us taking in as much of the sights as we could. Wrapped up, we set off with our umbrellas and hoods up hardly noticing the lack of sunshine. Lunch that day was in Chelsea, and isn't it always sparkly there?!

Between breakfast and lunch we stopped to refuel in a log cabin in Camden Market listening to brilliant live music and sipping on mulled wine. We just needed it to snow and it would have been like a weekend away in an Austrian ski lodge! The camera on my phone decided to act up the night before in Mr. Fogg's so the pics from now on are courtesy of Chris & Rachel - thanks Ladies.

Day Two, Saturday. Lunch & Dinner & Club

Navigating London and the tube meant that we didn't fit in lunch until after 4. By that stage, as you can imagine, I had worked up an immense appetite. So off we trotted to Bluebird on the King's Road.

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Wines and Prosecco were a good start.

Unfortunately my eyes were not bigger than my belly for once, and I managed to order the smallest dish on the menu. It was deliciously fresh and deceptively filling though - and I managed to fill the rest of the gap with wine and coffee!

My seared yellowfin tuna tortilla was served with crunchy iceberg lettuce, soft avocado, coriander, an unbelievably tasty wasabi mayonnaise and mango salsa on the side. All it needed was a squeeze of lime - divine. I'm definitely going to try this one at home.

Rachel ordered the haddock...

And Chris decided on mussels...

The Café & Courtyard at Bluebird was a perfect spot to recharge over tasty food and a glass of wine after trekking around the London streets. At the bar you can rub shoulders with the "Made in Chelsea" crowd, have a plush dinner in their restaurant upstairs, sip a chilled glass of wine on a warm spring day on their terrace, pick up a selection of fresh breads and pastries from their food store or do what we did and people watch from their café.

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By 8.30 that evening, after some more wandering and a little bit of primping we arrived at Opera Tavern for dinner.

This charming restaurant opposite the Drury Lane Theatre, and seconds from the Opera House and Waterloo Bridge, still manages to retain an alluring neighbourhood feel. It also happens to be one of Chris's wonderful restaurants.

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Specialising in Italian and Spanish small plates we tucked into an amazing selection of tapas.

Cured meats...

Courgette flowers stuffed with goats cheese and drizzled with honey...

Hot crisp batter surrounding perfectly cooked courgette flowers, stuffed with creamy goats cheese and finished off with sticky honey. Delicate, velvety, sweet, stunning. One of the nicest things I've ever tasted - seriously.

Guindilla peppers, crispy Iberico pigs ears, boquerones - anchovies marinated in vinegar and olive oil... We ate so many delicious things from the menu I lost track so I thought I'd include the link here instead!

And for dessert a cold chocolate fondant with salted caramel and espresso ice cream. Rich, dense chocolate fondant with a perfect hit of espresso, smooth salty caramel and a crunch to marry everything together. Absolutely perfect.

I really can't recommend a visit enough. A great spot for girly giggles over fine wine and superb food.

Then it was off to Dirty Martini for their delicious lychee martinis.

Before Chris managed to take a very respectable selfie of us on the tube home.

We must be getting good at this!

Bluebird Chelsea, 350 Kings Road, London

Opera Tavern, 23 Catherine Street, London

Dirty Martini

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