Sunday 10 July 2016

Chocolate Biscuit Cake | Happy birthday Ross & David!

Ross turns 10 today - 10!! A whole decade. So for my chocolate loving son, and husband - it happen to be his birthday too - I made my chocolate biscuit cake. 

Here's the recipe.

What you'll need:
  • 350g milk chocolate
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 100g butter
  • 2 heaped tbsp golden syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 150g rich tea biscuits, chopped
  • 100g Crunchie and Daim bars, chopped
  • 1 can of condensed milk

How to make it: 

Melt the butter in a small bowl and leave to cool to room temperature.

Melt the chocolate in a large bowl in the microwave on a low heat for 30 seconds at time until melted fully.

Add the melted butter, golden syrup and vanilla essence, and mix everything together.

Roughly chop the buscuits, Crunchie and Daim bars with a knife.  You can really mix anything you like in with the biscuits - marshmallows, raisins - but the mixture of Daims and Cruchies is a real winner! Add these to the melted chocolate mixture with the condensed milk and mix 

Tip the mixture into two round 7 inch cake tins with removeable base making sure to pack it in tightly.

Leave in the fridge for a few hours to set.

Decorate how you please. I didn't have time to make any chocolate icing as his party with his pals yesterday was about to start - time management issues! But... I did manage to cut it into a 10!

Happy Birthday Ross and David <3 <3


  1. Looks yum! How gorgeous that your hubby became a dad on his own birthday, best birthday pressie ever :-)

    1. So true, it was his best birthday present so far!!

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