Friday 30 September 2016

Shadows in the Woods

I'd forgotten how much fun a power cut can be!
Recently our electricity went off for over an hour. It happened right in the middle of the cumbersome bedtime routine and we were in complete darkness until candles were lit and torches found.

Once the little ones realised everything was ok the fun started. They tore around the bedrooms in candle light, hiding with torches, jumping out on each another and shrieking in delight. Although the noise level was high, there was something very calming about that power cut. We let them play and waited until the lights came back on to tuck them into their beds.

During it, we were all relaxed and happy. I wasn't nagging or stressed. We'd dropped what had to be done before bed and we were all just enjoying each other's company. It was then that David told me about a game he had heard of recently called 'Shadows in the Woods', a family board game played in candlelight where a tea light is used to cast shadows (the shadows are part of the game). What a lovely idea! I thought it was such a great concept that I wanted to share it. The main jist is that the adults are up against the kids. The adult moves the tea light piece around the board where it casts shadows on the 'dwarfs' - the pieces played by the kids. Here's the link to read more...

I'm reading a book at the moment called "The Happiness Project", in it the author Gretchen Rubin says - "I didn't make enough time for fun. I knew I didn't pay enough attention to this fleeting time in my children's lives. Though the stages of dress-up clothes and car seats seem interminable, they pass quickly, and too often, I was focused on checking off the items on my to do list that I forgot what really mattered."

An hour of no electricity strengthened our camaraderie, brought fun and excitement; and a lightbulb moment of realisation - to remember to stop in the middle of the chaos and make a lot more time to PLAY. 


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