Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stop and Smell the Roses

Last Sunday, on the drive home from an excellent weekend spent with family at White's hotel in Wexford I had a moment...

It happened when I turned around in the passenger seat of our car to see two small boys sleeping soundly, their heads drooped to one side, and their big brother with heavy eyes not too far behind. They'd had a weekend of swimming, playing, eating treats, laughing, and let's not forget squabbling! All of that plus plenty of fresh country air really knocked them out. I realised then that we had never had a journey home from Wexford where at least two of our three boys weren't fast asleep; yin and yang - chaos on the way down, silence on the way home. In time, three boys sleeping soundly in the back of the car will slowly peter out and before I know it, it will become a distant (or even forgettable) memory. Three sleeping boys in the back seat of the car...

That's going in the book I thought.

A few years ago I was given a notebook as a gift from my sister appropriately titled 'Stop and Smell the Roses'. It's a perfect place to jot down memories I don't want to forget. Things from my children's early years, time spent with family, the day a very best friend sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I date the line, write a sentence or two and that's it.

I had lots of great moments from last weekend.

A notebook filled with little things that really are the big things.


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