Sunday 29 April 2018

Easter at Sea Lodge

Sundays all over the world are particularly special. Time to relax, time with loved ones, time to slow down. Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, we spent the day in Wexford which as always ticked all of those boxes.

Dad had planned an Easter egg hunt in the garden and the boys were beyond excited. They absolutely adore Sea Lodge, so throw in an Easter egg hunt in a garden made for adventure and you've got a match made in heaven. Unfortunately the drive down is a totally different story. Squabbling and whining usually takes up the entire trip, but once we turn off from the road between Kilmuckridge and Blackwater and they realise we're on the county lane that leads to the house a peace descends as they turn their attention from each other to all the fascinating things around.

As usual there was a sigh of relief from the two of us as soon as the car was parked and they scampered off.

And this year they got stuck in straight away to uncover the eggs.

This time last year we were outside in the sunshine, them tucking into their finds...

...but an unpredictable April day meant we were inside by the fire.

In every way the day felt very different but the boys distracted us. Those live-wires from the car journey down kept us in the present. Callum & Alex asked about Gigi as soon as we pulled up to the house and that made me feel really sad, but after that for me, and I think for everyone, it was a happy day with no air of solemnity. I feel that's exactly how Gigi would have wanted it to be.

Once inside it took a while to make a dent in their stash of eggs but they did a good job.

And when they decided they'd had enough it was time for the 'big boys' to watch the rugby in the pub while the Easter lamb slow roasted in the oven.

Max as always delivered an amazing feast.

Gogi made sure the boys had a brilliant day, there was even a sac of Easter eggs hanging from a tree!

Thank you Dad for making it a fun-filled happy day.

A poem my sister sent me...

I send you butterfly kisses
You don't always know I'm there
But it's me peaking 'round the corner
Or touching a strand of your hair.

I see you on days you're crying
or wishing we could talk once in a while
Even though I'm now in heaven
I still want to see you smile.

I visit you at night when you are sleeping
I come quietly to your dreams
And whisper words ever so softly
To say death is not what it seems.

I see you sometimes at the table
When you don't know that I am there
as you gaze over at my picture
I hope you know how much I care.

I'm sending a hug from heaven
I wish you could feel it today
The love that we share is forever
Time and space can't take it away.

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