Wednesday 1 October 2014

An Enchanting Weekend | Part One

Last Thursday we set off for Cavalaire-sur-Mer in the South of France.

We are frequent visitors and love going back.

For me it’s a little like climbing through the alluring wardrobe to Narnia. There will always be another great adventure waiting when I get there. Another wondrous, fantasy like town to discover… And one more restaurant to proclaim ‘this is definitely my favourite’!

After we kissed goodbye to the boys (who were about to embark on their own adventures with Marnie, Grandad, Gaga, and Gigi!) we began possibly our most enjoyable holiday there to date.

We arrived to blue skies and beautiful warm temperatures. So we drove straight to the beach.

On our first day we took in magnificent views,

drank rosé,

ate pizza for dinner,

and watched a great dvd!

I’d never seen 'The Godfather’, and when we got back to the apartment I was glued to the screen.

What better way to relax than watch the Corleone family go about their day!

The following morning we woke up early and hungry.

But first I needed a coffee on the balcony next to the view I dream about on dreary wintry days at home.

Then it was straight to Les Palmier in Cavalaire town for breakfast, where we sat at our usual spot and ordered the petit déjeuner complet.

We munched on the freshest French croissants and baguettes while we sipped our coffee and orange juice in the morning sun.

After we’d devoured the lot we jumped in the car and drove to the port in St-Tropez for a holiday ramble.

I know that I’ve mentioned before how much I love St-Tropez and I hope some of these photos show the innate charm of the town, alongside the opulence.

Bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops face onto the port where the yachts dock, but it’s the windy cobbled streets off the port that take you into the veins of the town that I love best.

With no market on that day the tree lined square Place des Lices was calm and serene.

After our walk we wandered back to the port to Senequier for a glass of rosé before lunch.

We’d worked up quite an appetite so we decided to stay in St-Tropez for lunch and chose an Italian restaurant Hysteria on the port.

Where we ordered a creamy burrata, and a tomato and basil oil pizza.

The food is tasty and prices are reasonable for the location overlooking the bay.

Then it was beach time!

We drove to the beautiful azure blue beaches in Gigaro.

Through the vineyards.

Towards the sea.

Where we lay for hours on the comfy sun beds on one of the secluded beaches soaking up the sun, until our rumbling stomachs signalled to us that it was time to shake off the sand, pack up, and move on!

As the warm September sun fell we took advantage of the last of the rays and had a drink on the beach before going for dinner.

Coulours Jardin is one of my favourite restaurants in Gigaro, or anywhere else for that matter. We’ve been here before a number of times and always look forward to visiting again.

And our expectations have never let us down.

We skipped starters to try and give our waistlines a little bit of a chance to return to normal when we got home!

And ordered two unbelievably delicious mains. My dish ranked in my top five meals of all time… Tender roast rack of lamb off the bone, cooked medium rare, served with a rich creamy mashed potato garnished with grated truffle, and a whole head of roasted garlic to squeeze onto everything. I didn’t mind that I wouldn’t be able to breath near anyone for the rest of the evening, it was worth it! David ordered pork loin served with ratatouille, which also tasted divine.

And for dessert we shared an apple and chocolate crumble.

All I can say about that is… Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm...

I would highly recommend Couleurs Jardin in Gigaro. If you happen to be in the area it’s definitely worthy of a visit.

All we really wanted from our trip was to completely relax, eat great food, and hopefully bask in some sunshine. So on our first two days we were off to a very good start.

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