Sunday 12 October 2014

An Enchanting Weekend | Part Two

We spent the third day of our trip on the glorious turquoise beach in Cavalaire.

My idea of heaven.

After a long lazy breakfast on the balcony we packed our beach bags and set off on the bikes.

But the French have rules… Especially when it comes to eating. If you try to order lunch after 2pm you will just get a big fat “Non!”. So as usual breakfast ran into lunch, and when we arrived at the beach we went straight to Terre de Sable, a restaurant as close to the sea as you can get.

David decided on a salad and I went for tartare of tuna & salmon mixed with a fresh zesty dressing, a perfect beach lunch watching the waves.

After coffees, I parked myself on the couch next to the sun beds and amused myself with Steller, my new favourite app, before ordering a glass of Rosé and adding a few more freckles to my collection on the lounger.

As we were going to Bormes les Mimosas for dinner that evening we reluctantly pulled ourselves away from the sun loungers, before the sun started to set, and made our way back to the apartment to turn ourselves from dishevelled sun bathers into something a tad more presentable.

But because the evening was so spectacular we decided to make a fleeting stop on the way home and have our ‘apéritif' on the port.

The short drive to Bormes is not for the faint hearted. Hairpin turns, sheer drops and windy roads make it pretty terrifying at times, but it’s all worth it once you get there!

Not only is the hilltop town on the grand-scale of beautiful it has some pretty amazing restaurants too.

We went to Le Café du Progrès where we indulged in more delicious food.

Followed by a stroll around the beautiful town.

Bormes is a place to visit during the day (if you can) to see the village in all its glory. Flowers explode from every crevice…

But it’s pretty superb at night-time too.

As we were walking back to the car David said “It’s phenomenally beautiful, where do they get the time?” (I promise he really said that!). I think that sentence just about sums up the efforts the residents put in to make it such an impeccably charming place.

We were nearing the end of our trip…

But because we’d booked the later flight back to Dublin the following day we had one more blissful lunch to look forward to on the way home.

For Dad’s birthday (in May), myself, Mum, Dad, and my two sisters, had lunch at the Royal Mougins Golf Club. I enjoyed the afternoon so much I don’t think I stopped talking about it when I got home for days, and I couldn’t wait to go back with David!

I ordered the same delightful rosé we’d enjoyed in May, Domaine de L'Amaurigue Cotes de Provence.

And after some deliberation we finally decided on our mains.

David went for the club sandwich and I ordered osso buco.

Osso buco, slow cooked veal shank, was served on risotto milanese, and it was heavenly.

But the pièce de résistance was the marrow, which I tried my best to eat with finesse given my surroundings - it was difficult!

After coffees Dad’s friend Pat invited us to his beautiful house overlooking the golf course.

We tried some really special extra virgin olive oil made by Pat’s friend, from his very own olive trees in Grasse.

And enjoyed even more delicious French delicacies (beautiful petits gâteaux) on the terrace.

We could have stayed chatting to Pat and Mary all evening, we didn’t want to budge, but we had to catch a flight so we said our goodbyes and headed to the airport.

There are so many magical things about France; beautiful beaches, tiny charming hilltop towns, dining al fresco, visiting friends, pure blue skies, delightful food, gleaming boats, sipping rosé (which seemed to get even more delicious as the holiday went on), stunning views… I could go on and on.

We had such an amazing time…

But that said, we couldn’t wait to get home to see our boys!

And last but by no means least, merci merci merci beaucoup to our Mums and Dads for looking after (and spoiling!) the boys while we were away, and making this trip possible.

Vous êtes l'un sur un million, et nous avon réservé notre voyage pour l'année prochaine!

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