Friday 1 May 2015

‘Beach House’ Panelling | Part One

I’ve always thought that starting with a theme when decorating is a good idea, especially in the bedrooms.
Our bedroom - ‘French’ what else!
The babies room - A few words come to mind... ‘Nautical’… ‘Beachy’… ‘Baby’...
And our eldest son’s room, my absolute favourite - Hampton style bedroom. 

Image source here

I absolutely loved this IKEA day bed ^ and had my eye on it for his bedroom six years ago - from the time he was about to move from a cot into a ‘big’ bed. Unfortunately it wouldn’t fit into his room, the smallest bedroom in the house.

The only bed that would fit (barely!) was a bed base and mattress. But I’ve always thought his bed looked a little bare and needed something else.
Like a headboard, similar to this…

Image source here

… but even that wouldn’t fit.
So, with the American beach theme still in mind I decided that dado height panelling would be a good alternative, to get the effect but still save on space.

Choosing slightly wider planks to the original IKEA bed.

Image source here

I like doing interior design projects in the house myself (I enjoy them plus it saves money!) but this one was a little tricky. There was a panel of MDF attached to the side of the wardrobe behind the bed that needed to come off for the panelling to fit. There was also a cable for an electric shower running down the wall, and a socket behind the bed exactly where I wanted the panelling to go - plus my sawing skills are non-existent!
So the professionals were called.

It turns out there’s a big hole behind the panel at the back of his bed.

A new panel had to be made.

Also, the shower wire needed to be fitted into the plasterboard wall.

The plug had to be refitted, and the skirting board had to come off.

It was all made look easy though!

So by that evening I had exactly what I wanted. Now I just need to find the time to paint it!

In Part Two, painting the panelling ‘Sail White’ and the finished Hamptons look.
Panelling wood available from B&Q
Fabwood (Home Improvements) - 087 6364193


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