Sunday 14 August 2016

Weekend Web

'Weekend Web' is a regular update on the blog with links to a variety of things I've come across on the internet over the weekend that I've found helpful, interesting or that I've just loved! Here's the round up...

Hope everyone is staying safe and dry this Summer?! Ours has been fun...

But the time time has come when the words 'Back to School' are hovering around in the back of my mind - waiting to spring out armed with school supplies! The two babas (can I still call them that?) will both be in Montessori in two weeks time, and Ross will be starting fourth class. Time is short so these are the plans for the few weeks that are left..!

Individual dates with the boys
Merrion Square Market with Dad
Picnic in Herbert park
Dart from Killiney beach to Dun Laoghaire
Weekend in Wexford
Dinner in Brother Hubbard
The Zoo!
Dinner in Dun Laoghaire after work and a run around in the People's Park with the boys.
Work up an appetite in Stephen's Green playground, then head to Wagamama for dinner (haven't been to the one on South King Street since it's been revamped!)
Craft café
Super early morning walk on the pier with David and breakfast in Café du Jounal (That's just for the grown ups!)

...So much more to do, so little time.

Before I go though, some links from the weekend.


Was so delighted that Maison Jen was nominated for the Best European Blog Award in the Amara Interior Blog Awards. Hopefully it will make it through to the next stage. If you'd like to help it along you can place your vote here or over there -> !

Reasons why you should paint your ceiling.


This is frozen rosé. What a genius idea!

Food quotes to live by!


Had a great night in Roundwood House, County Laois last weekend dining, singing and having an all round fun time. You can check out Roundwood house here.


My Summer evenings this year have mainly consisted of watching vlogs on the telly (love Mr. Paul Mahon, Casey Neistat and Gary Vaynerchuk) while drinking herbal tea and eating frozen Fry's chocolate cream. Yes frozen, you've got to try it!! 

Casey Neistat - what you don't see.

Current Affairs

These hilarious guys. Well done on winning a silver medal in Rio!


Five things that can make you a better parent right now.

Amazing motivational speech from a kid.

We're off now to The Big Grill Festival in Herbert Park. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!


  1. Gorgeous photos! The Summer has flown hasn't it? I'm really hoping to squeeze some one-on-one time with each of my boys in too!! Wetherspoons in the Forty Foot in Dun Laoghaire have a good kids' menu and the people's park have a nice food market at the weekends. And for decor shopping there is a fab store called Sostrene Grene on Lower Georges Street, you probably know all this already!! :-D

    1. Thanks a mill! I didn't know about interiors shop, will definitely check it out. Have met David a couple of times after work in Weatherspoons - was great value! Will definitely try to squeeze in another trip before the holidays are over ! 👍


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