Sunday 26 February 2017

We have three kids!

I spent a good part of my life as a Mum trying to act as if everything had stayed the same. Baby number one arrived, "Ooh, you're going to London, I'll come. A night on the town, of course I can make it". Brunches, lunches, trips, dinners, bars, always there, always acting as if I could do this whole baby juggling thing in my sleep.

Then baby number two appeared. Gosh, this is a lot easier than the first, I remember thinking... And with a six year age gap it was for a while. But quickly after baby number two arrived, baby number three landed on our doorstep and no amount of acting and smiles could hide the fact that everything had NOT stayed the same. Life as I knew it had done a complete 180, it had thrown me onto a rollercoaster and was not letting me off; three kids was mind altering. I tip my hat to all Mums, especially Mums of four and more, they are my heroes now, my role models, the people I admire most.

These days it's the people who think we're avoiding them that give us the most giggles. No, we're not avoiding you WE HAVE THREE KIDS! With five in the house a text at the weekend an hour before you want to call will most likely be met with a "Sorry, we're not here". Why? Because we have three kids! They mess up our home so we get them out of there, they are time bombs waiting to explode so we run them around outside, they are little people who love to explore so we head to the beach, the park, the countryside! And for obvious reasons (two under 4) social visits to anywhere now have a very specific time frame, but please don't be offended, we know what we're doing, if we've learnt anything it's the value of risk assessment. It's not you, it's us.

I read a brilliant post recently which really sums up life these days...

...a perfect description of all of the noise, toilet talk, running, dirt, action, and destruction!

My kids give me so many laughs, so many insights, bucket loads of affection but in return what they take away is my sanity!

Life as we know it will never be the same. It's busy, busier than ever. Little boys are hard work! If you want to see us book an appointment.

Rant over.

*This post may have been written due to temporary insanity caused by mid-term, sick children and bad weather or maybe it's because I have three kids.

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