Sunday, 28 May 2017

Wall Art | New York Skyline

I really needed to do something with one of the walls in Ross's room. At one stage the babas had coloured on the wall behind his bed - which they generally didn't tend to do, but one day with markers in their tiny hands they'd obviously decided to get creative on that white blank space. As well as that the picture frames I'd hung there fell off anytime we lifted up the mattress to get at the under bed storage. I needed a solution and decided to either repaint or put up some really cool inspiring art or photos that didn't fall off!

So David came up with a suggestion... Put up a massive sticker of the New York skyline, with inspiring quotes written on the buildings and pictures of Ross and his brothers hidden among the sky scrapers.

As amazing as it sounded I wasn't sure... I didn't want to take away from the tranquil feel in his bedroom. But sure yeah, let's try it.

It was delivered last week in a big cardboard tube and was really easy to attach to the wall.

We laid it on the bed and peeled down the backing paper across the top by about 5 inches.

Then we each took a side and stuck it to the top of the wall, pressing it down and across from the centre to remove any air pockets.

After that, all we needed to do was slowly peel off the rest of the backing paper while smoothing the image out along the way from the centre.

And once it was stuck on we trimmed two of the edges where it overlapped with a scalpel to give a neat edge.

It's up, it looks really cool, and Ross absolutely loves it. 

But I will say if I do another blog post about wall art for bedrooms I might insist on a tranquil beach scene with absolutely no 'kiddie' free running whatsoever - but that's just me!


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  2. Yes this New York sticker is looking very nice according to the room’s interior and keeping in mind the age of the child as well.


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