Sunday 11 June 2017

The days are long but the years feel short

Next week the days of 12pm pick ups for my five year old will come to an end.

It's time to break up the pack. Alex will stay on for another year and Callum will graduate from Montessori (yes really - with a flat cap and gown) and in September start the regulated, organised routine of primary school. The short walk to Wendy's on the cusp of the morning carrying two little scooters and greeting two happy boys with hugs will move from reality to memory. Those moments were ones I carried on with, ones I never really attached much awareness or feeling to, only now am I realising how much I'm going to miss them.

My sentimental mind is feeling particularly emotional.

I'll miss the contented feeling of dropping them off in the care of of two experienced loving Mums to the room where the group of little ones feel so safe and secure.

The move to a new big bustling school feels a little daunting.

I have to force myself to think about how happy his big brother is there, how great the school is, how all the teachers seem really nice and kind.

He is ready to move forward; so excited about wearing a school uniform, delighted to be soon going to the same school as his big brother, all set to make new friends and definitely ready to take the step from 'preschooler' to 'big kid'.

Testing out the uniform
I'm just not sure if I am.


  1. Sniff... Every time my boys move through a big phase in their childhood I feel the same. My eldest is finishing primary school in a few weeks, I just can't believe it, only feels like a couple of years since he started school!!! Just focus on the fact that yours are still so little and cute, my youngest is 9 now and it kills me when Facebook memories throws up pictures of them from 4, 5, 6 years ago when I thought they were so big but they were tiny really!!! Hope your little man loves big school and I'm sure his big brother will look out for him :-)

  2. Thank you Alice, great advise! You're right he also has his big bro there which is a comfort. The teary eyes have settled down a bit this week but not sure if I'll be able to keep them in on his last day! A move from primary to secondary - wow! Can remember so clearly the day my eldest started too, how does it all go so fast.. Xxx

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