Sunday 17 December 2017


The sound of war. Grenades, shrieking, gunfire. Pew, pew, pew. Pew, pew. Noise and chaos, thumping sounds, shouting. Arms and legs flying in every direction.

That's my house this Sunday morning in December. All of the boys in full-on combat mode. I can already feel a headache starting and I want more than anything to tell them to stop. My plan of starting the day off as calmly as possible goes out the window. I naively thought that I would be the Mum whose boys would never play with guns, little did I realise that anything can become a gun. On this day it's their small fingers, my coasters and cushions playing the roll of who knows what. Extra armour maybe...

I stand in the kitchen sipping the coffee I just made. I want to say stop but I don't. I don't get it and I definitely don't like it but I let them continue. They're using their imaginations, it's only a game, and they're having fun. Because "Imagination is more important than knowledge". If Einstein thought that then my headache will just have to be part of my Sunday morning. The play continues. More of our home gets collected up as props. I take a deep breath and remind myself how blessed I am to have three happy, energetic, imaginative boys. Einstein, I hope when you said that you meant this carry on too!

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