Wednesday 30 July 2014

Blogging Bliss!

Last week while holidaying in Majorca, in between getting a bottle of water from the fridge and grabbing a packet of wipes to run to the balcony to clean a mucky face smeared with chocolate, I was told my blog ‘Maison Jen’ had been nominated for Best Personal Blog in The Blog Awards Ireland 2014.

I was absolutely delighted… knocked sideways at the time to be honest as I had no idea my blog had been entered, but thrilled. 

My blogging venture started back in January of this year when I attended the Blogging for Beginners Workshop with Ketty Elizabeth a.k.a ’French Foodie in Dublin’, I loved it, and have been happily blogging ever since.

I’m learning as I go and have definitely found a new love. What I really like about blogging is technically nothing is 'wrong’. It’s my blog and and I’ll write what I want to… (To be read to the tune of 'It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to’!). My blog has slowly evolved since I started it and is now mainly about food, interiors, and my everyday life. I also have three children so they pop into some of the posts now and again.

Because of my blog I’ve also reinstated my love of photography. Over the past few years I’ve done two photography courses (one of them was a GCSE in Photography in 4th year so quite a few years ago actually), but although I loved photography I never really put my newly learnt skills at the time to good use. Now, however, with my blog I’ve become very snap happy again.

What else has my blog done… It’s introduced me to Instagram, one of my favourite apps of all time! Made me use Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook in a much better way, and also just given me that creative outlet I needed.

So what does the nomination mean to me, apart from feeling very grateful of course.

I suppose it means I can now officially call myself a blogger..?!

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