Tuesday 22 July 2014

Vino de Verano | Summer Cocktail

Lazy summer days call for lazy cocktails. When the skies are bluer than blue and the temperatures are soaring I’m afraid I don’t want to be muddling or shaking or chopping… So here is the laziest of all cocktails and it’s unbelievably thirst quenching and delicious too!

Similar to Sangria but less alcoholic and less work, ‘Vino de Verano’ (Summer wine) is a perfect holiday cocktail.

To make a jug for two people you will need:

Red wine

Fanta lemon (you can use Sprite/7 up instead but I have it on good authority that lemon tastes better)

1 orange, sliced

Lots of ice

Lime wedge to garnish

To start fill a jug with ice. Pour in equal quantities of wine and lemon.

I know what you’re thinking.. this looks wrong, but just wait until you taste it!

Pop in your orange slices, and that’s it.

Serve in a wine glass (garnish with a lime if you like), pick up a magazine and sip your exceptionally easy creation.

Salud - to health (and blue skies)!

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