Sunday 21 June 2015

Couleurs Jardin | Gigaro

On Friday, just over a week ago, we ate at what I think has become my favourite 'holiday' restaurant - Couleurs Jardin in Gigaro, France.

We very gratefully got the chance to head to the south of France for three nights to David's parent's apartment while they minded the boys - I know... they're amazing. And looking through the photos I took there last weekend I'm realising that this time there aren't that many, which for once is a good thing!

As soon as I got on the plane, and for the rest of the trip, I wanted to switch off completely - no kids, so why not. No phones, no laptops, no iPads - I wanted to lie on the beach, feel the windy cobbled street under my feet, breathe in lots of sea air and really appreciate being there. I realise that this is not such a great idea if you're a blogger, but a super one if you're a Mama! Being constantly on the move at the moment with the toddlers (both conveniently at the 'terrible twos' stage at the same time), getting a few days to chill out in my favourite place while eating lots and lots of delicious food was like heaven.

Sunday morning breakfast

So, as a result of my switch off, the only blog post of our holiday is going to be about a place I love - 'Couleurs Jardin', the gorgeous beachside restaurant in the beautiful vineyard town of Gigaro.

But seeing as restaurant reviews aren't what I usually blog about I'll just post the photos and tell you all about the wonderful food... Actually, that is a review I suppose!

Keeping to my lazy holiday schedule we set off late in the morning on our second day for croissants in Cavalaire, followed by a ramble around the town, before making the short drive through fields and fields of vineyards to Gigaro for lunch.

When you arrive at the restaurant you're brought through a jungle-like waiting area towards the dining tables with the most spectacular sea view.

You can choose to sit inside, in the covered area to the left, or outside to the right. As the sun was just making an appearance through the hazy cloud we opted for outside, crossing our fingers that the thunder and rain that was forecast wouldn't arrive!

As usual we started with an ice cold glass of rosé.

Then it was time to make some decisions! We finally settled on a starter to share...

...the most delicious (and prettiest!) burrata, filled with very finely chopped mushrooms.

Followed by seared tuna and 'cochon noir' (black pig) - which, as far as I know, is a special kind of pork.

The seared tuna, served on a bed of stir-fried Asian vegetables, was divine and was made even more spectacular overlooking the sparkling azure blue sea.

Yet again, our lunch here turned out to be our best meal of the holiday. We always have a wonderful time and I would highly recommend a visit if you're staying anywhere near Gigaro.

The rain never did arrive, the sun came out and managed to stay for the rest of the day!

Before we left we had a final glass of rosé on the beach and idly read our magazines - you have to make these great moments last!

We've been coming to this part of France for almost 9 years - since our eldest was three months old - and as always had the most amazing time.

Saturday morning Saint Tropez market
Sunday - Café Gourmond, Royal Mougin Golf Club
Sunday lunch - Steak Tartare, Royal Mougin Golf Club
Saturday at D'embarquement

I recently read a blog post by Dana Miller from the blog HOUSE*TWEAKING titled 'Vacationing without kids is an investment' - I don't think she meant all the time obviously, but on occasion! She says... "They're investments in our sanity, our relationship, our family, our future. And to just be me with the guy I married".

I couldn't agree more Dana!


  1. Words can't express how much I love this blog! Delighted you had a lovely few days together xx

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Hilda! We had such a great holiday together. Delighted you liked the post :-)) X x x

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sounds fab! Always great to get a little break from the kids! We're hoping to bring our boys to France this Summer but as always have left things to the last minute so hoping to sort out flights etc!

    1. It was a great break! We absolutely adore France, would love to be going back over the summer with the boys, but sadly not this year. You'll have a super time! :-) X x

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