Tuesday 2 June 2015

Weekend Web

This weekend we celebrated the wedding of one of our best friends. It was beautiful, heart-warming (I shed a monumental amount of tears listening to the speeches - that's nearly fifty minutes of sobbing!), and such great fun.

Emo Court House & Gardens, Co. Laois

With a two night break organised in Co. Laois to celebrate, we thought a walk and some lunch, on the second day, in Emo Court (an historic house about 10 minutes drive from our hotel) would be a good way to cure the wedding hangover! Thankfully it did, and surrounded by beautiful woodlands and gardens was definitely worth a visit.

We had the most amazing weekend, as well as being fun-filled and wonderfully restful, I also got to do some uninterrupted thinking and planning - very rare these days. And as a result decided to include another blog category called 'Weekend Web'. Taking inspiration from A CUP OF JO and HOUSE*TWEAKING (two blogs I love and got to catch up on this weekend), I'll post links on my own blog every so often to a variety of things on the web that I find helpful or interesting, or that I just love!



The World's 50 Best Restaurants list 2015 was announced yesterday. Find out who got number one here

Taste of Dublin returns from the 11th to 14th of June in the beautiful Iveagh Gardens.


Would love this clever enclosure for my garden - "David grab the drill!'


The list app that's been known to organise my life!

Current events

'Making history' and an amazing video by Anna Rogers. (Delighted to be able to say, I Know Her!!)

I love...

The fast-paced book I just finished that seems to be taking the world by storm.

This powdered sunscreen you can apply over make up - genius!

The cute pin I stumbled across on Pinterest this week - the week my toddler turned three.

I hope you had a lovely long weekend!


  1. Emo House looks stunning! We've a wedding to look forward to in October, can't wait, although our boys will be there so probably won't be quite as relaxing :-D PS I totally forgot about those books (I have a brain like a sieve) I'll give Emma a shout and drop them up to her hopefully during the week.

    1. Thanks so much Alice! Just seeing your comment now for some reason (?_?). I bet your boys will make your wedding even more fun!! Myself and David were looking at the children on the dance floor thinking ours would fit right in! Emo house was great would totally recommend a trip. X


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