Saturday 4 July 2015

Wedding Bellini | Weekend Cocktail

This day 12 years ago we were married in the capital city of Italy, Rome. When I say things like that I realise how time has literally flown!

When the ceremony finished, and the photographer gave us the nod that he had gotten all the photos he wanted, we left the beautiful church and zipped through the city to our reception, straight to the rooftop bar of the hotel, where we were served our first drink as Mr. & Mrs...

A Bellini. The popular cocktail created in Harry's bar in Venice, Italy in the 30's - made with Prosecco and peach Purée.

As I love peaches (and Prosecco!) it was the perfect drink to sip overlooking the beautiful façade of Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore surrounded by our family and friends. And so, as it's our anniversary today, and with gorgeous peaches in season at the moment, here's my version of this classic, nostalgic cocktail.

You will need:

   Two Champagne glasses
   2 peaches, peeled and puréed 
   Lavender, to garnish

How to make them:

To start, pop your champagne glasses in the freezer.

Next peel and de-stone the peaches. You can do this by placing them in boiling water for 1 minute and then in ice water. The skin will just slide right off as soon as they're removed from the cold water. But as peaches are perfectly ripe at the moment there really is no need to do this step. I just halved them, pulled out the stone, and removed the skin with a small amount of help from a paring knife. When you've removed the skin and stone, purée the peaches.

You can do this with a pestle and mortar one by one...

Or - if you're making them for a crowd - in a food processor with the blade attachment.

When the peaches are really smooth and puréed remove to a bowl.

As soon as the glasses are nicely chilled...

Pop in 2-3 heaped teaspoons of the peach puree. You will need ⅓ peach puree to ⅔ Prosecco.

If it's sunny take those glasses outside, and assemble.

After you've added the purée fill with Prosecco, garnish with lavender,

and pretend you're in Rome!

Happy Anniversary David x

Cheers, to three more beautiful bundles of joy...

Just joking!


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