Monday 13 June 2016

Weekend Web

We spent this weekend celebrating... A new business venture for David and my sister's engagement! Two great reasons to sip bubbles, enjoy good food and party with friends and loved ones. In between the festivities here are some links I loved from the weekend...

Image // Matcha Cocktail


14 cocktails that prove Matcha isn't just for tea!

Reusable parchment paper.


Things you may not know you could wash in a dishwasher.

Learning French in one week - really?

Seth Godin: "Everyone should have a blog".


Open a bottle of wine without opening a bottle of wine. This is genius!

The 7 most controversial rebrands of 2016.

My dream kitchen...


Lego parties - yep, will be doing this at some point.

Counting activities for preschoolers.

A fun way to learn music.

Slow living

10 tips for meditating at home.

In the news...

C'mon Ireland!!!

Have a great week. Don't forget the umbrella!

Jen x

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  1. Indeed a gorgeous place! Will love to find similar party venues in NYC for hosting my party next month. However, this place seems quite interesting to visit. Will be making plans with all friendly and hopefully will visit soon.


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