Monday 27 July 2015

Ikea drawer revamp & Siblings co-sleeping

I don't do a lot of home decor projects in Summer, I'm far too busy doing outdoorsy things and soaking up any Irish sun we get! I did, however, finish updating the Ikea drawers in the babies room. I'm physically unable to leave Ikea furniture alone!

This time last year I decorated Callum and Alex's bedroom. You can see the blog post here.

After a few weeks of work the room was finished and looked good, apart from one thing.

The nickel plated cup handle I had chosen - to replace the knobs on the drawers - had gone out of stock in Homebase and I only had one. It took until the following January for them to come back into the store - 6 months later. I did, in the meantime, look around for alternatives but they were either too expensive or weren't quite right. So I patiently waited for them to come back in stock. When they did I got help from my Father-in-law to trim the screws (the ones that came with the handles were too long and needed to be cut to size). And at last, the handles were finally ready to be put onto the drawer fronts. The drawer revamp turned out to be one of those jobs that you think is going to be as easy as pie but ends up taking ages and being lots more work that you originally thought!

Here's the finished chest of drawers.



The funny thing is, as soon as I put the finishing touches on the 'babies room' it's now time for Callum to move into a 'big' bed. Which means a whole new bedroom makeover... only joking David! It does mean, however, that I'll probably need to rearrange a few things in the room to fit in a bed. The plan is to build in bunks along the wall for the boys to sleep in but the recommended age for safety is between 6 and 9. In the meantime, I'm thinking of buying this Ikea bed for two reasons - space saving and co-sleeping.
Image source here

The room would be a little cramped with two single beds so I'm considering sleeping them in the same bed until they're ready for bunk beds. This BRIMNES Ikea bed looks nice, has storage and an extra bed that pulls out to turn the single bed into a double which Alex could then share with Callum when he's ready for a bed. I had never really considered them sharing a double bed until I read this post from the Babyccino Kids blog. There seems to be lots of benefits, the main one being that it strengthens their close bond even more. I'd love to know your thoughts on co-sleeping siblings? 

For now, I'll just keep pinning and deliberating!


  1. The drawers look fab!! Our 3 boys still share a room, in the house we're in at the mo we have 2 sets of bunks, the spare bottom bunk is used as a little camp, when they were younger we converted their cots to junior beds for a while until they grew too big, it was a nice transition "to big boy bed" and still saved space :-)

    1. Thanks so much! That's so lovely that they share a room. I was considering toddler beds at one stage but then decided to go with regular size beds as thought they'd get longer out of them, but may go back to that idea again for space saving like you said!


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