Wednesday 26 August 2015

Birthday Barbecue

Wexford - the sunny south east.. Doesn't that almost sound like a faraway paradise? Well, it's not far off except you won't need your passport and there's no baggage allowance, but you might need a raincoat!

Recently, the sunny south east was our destination for a family weekend.

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm always happiest when I'm with my family. In fact, I'll usually find any excuse to organise a get together.

So, when my Mum suggested a surprise birthday party for my Dad in Wexford with everyone - sisters, boyfriends, husbands, grandchildren - I had all of our bags packed in my head before she could say 'I'll bring the travel cots'!

We kicked off the surprise and celebrations as soon as we arrived in Wexford with drinks and dinner in a local restaurant. Alex thought all his birthdays had come at once when the kids dessert arrived in a giant, ornate glass bowl. Thankfully the bowl stayed in one piece, but the ice cream didn't!

The next day, we continued the party in Sea Lodge, my parents house in Wexford. Sea Lodge has such an amazing charm... And, for me, it's somewhere that's hard to sum up in words, I just feel like they won't do it justice. It's a house that needs to be experienced rather than described. And I'm almost certain that everyone's experience will be different.

An unassuming little Irish country cottage that happens to be very enchanting, a little spiritual (I suppose the old graveyard next door helps with that) extremely unique and quite... cool? It's a bit of an obscure description, but like I said it's hard to describe!

I asked my Dad recently how they discovered such a rare house, but it's so steeped in history and personality it's definitely a blog post for another day.

Before the main event and after a huge Irish breakfast whipped up by Max - my sister's boyfriend - we needed to work up an appetite. And with miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches and tons of activities for youngsters - being a popular holiday spot for families - that wasn't hard.

Foot golf, Blackwater...

Try saying that really fast with a straight face. I'll confess, there were a lot of accidental F-bombs dropped that day!

Karting, Rosslare Road...

Morris castle beach, Kilmuckridge...

After, when we were absolutely famished from all the fun and sea air it was time to head back to the house.

The sparkling rosé was popped open to get us into the party mood. Followed by the barbecue.

Just to say, my Dad happens to be the barbecue king... However, that weekend there was a Brady BBQ takeover by Twisted Eggs, the popular food review blog. Not the actual blog obviously, but one of its creators Max. Although he is a man of many talents, cooking definitely being one, this was going to be a very hard act to follow.

The verdict:
Sea Lodge, Wexford. An incredible meat feast served with a selection of tasty salads. The food tasted amazing and the setting was second to none. Extremely juicy barbecued chicken pieces, spicy ribs, delicious jumbo sausages and incredible burgers. Fantastic! 5 out of 5. Thanks Max!

And after, with some live music from Alex to finish off the evening I decided it was possibly my favourite Sea Lodge weekend. I do say that every time though...

Happy birthday Dad!

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